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Why Life Insurance?

What would happen if you were no longer here? Arranging an affordable life insurance policy that pays out a tax free lump sum if you die eases the financial burden on your family. A Life Insurance plan provides you with the peace of mind that your family or your mortgage is cared for financially.

How can we help you find life insurance?

We search all life insurance companies in the United Kingdom at once; we are able to display up-to-date prices instantly from all leading insurers, making it much easier and quicker to compare life insurance prices as well as getting a policy to suit your budget. Best of all because of our relationship with the insurance providers we often have exclusive discounts, So instead of wasting valuable time searching online or going direct just speak to us.

We have a team of life insurance specialists and ensure all the information submitted is correct, we handle all the paperwork, provide quotes suited to your circumstances and are not misleading and there is no fee to you for our service… but instead of us telling you about our service click here and see what our existing customers have to say about us.

Finding Life Insurance

Best way to get life insurance?

Go Direct?

Most people would assume that buying a life insurance policy directly through an individual insurance company will be the easiest and cheapest option; however this can become extremely time-consuming and end up more expensive. Life insurance policies can vary greatly between providers, when trying to get the best life insurance price. Obtaining a variety of quotes individually from insurance companies and giving the same details to each one can be a very frustrating process. Once your policy has commenced and you wish to modify any of the details (such as the amount of cover required) then this can mean there may be a more suitable insurer. Furthermore, why going direct isn’t always the best option is because it will most likely reduce the chances of getting a competitive life insurance price if you do not always search the whole of market.

Search Online?

The Internet has made it much more convenient for people to buy general products; this means that people will scale the internet for a specialist product like Life Insurance in the hope to speed up the process without speaking to someone. It would be advised that no matter how rushed for time you are, speaking to a life insurance specialist to obtain the most suitable and accurate quote is the most effective way to ensure the best life insurance is setup for your needs. We have also found that with most online comparison website tools, a displayed price guide does not always take into consideration other factors which can affect the cost of life insurance i.e. medical conditions.

Cost of Life Insurance

What can affect the cost when you compare life insurance?

Life Insurance Prices are based on a number of factors – age, location, occupation, length of policy and how much one wishes to be covered for. Other things that can affect the cost of a policy are health issues – for instance, is the policyholder a smoker? Do they have any pre-existing medical conditions? And of course, any other factors that could be relevant, such as participation in dangerous sports. These factors can be fed into our life insurance calculator in order to generate life Insurance prices. You can easily compare life insurance rates in addition to the cover provided by each policy. Changing the variables for quotes will usually take just seconds, so you can compare everything in detail quickly.

Getting the cheapest life insurance policy

In the current financial situation we understand that most people are looking to cut down their bills wherever they possibly can and many people end up paying too much for their insurance; so one great way to save money is to find the cheapest life insurance quotes. We are able to offer a whole of market search and can find the cheapest quotes available. However you may find the cheapest life insurance, we must advice that the cheapest life insurance policy may not necessarily be the right one! A life insurance policy is designed to do a job and if it’s not the right level of cover for your family or mortgage or other means, then you could say it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. You should always check the policy information in full and ensure its fit for the purpose you intend it for, as is true with all types of insurance, it is strongly advised that if you are unsure of the type of policy or amount of cover you need, then you should speak to one of our advisers in order to ensure the right policy is setup, based on your individual circumstances.

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